Agriturismo Antica Corte Cason
via Cason 12|37055 Tombazosana di Ronco all'Adige| Verona (VR)

take in the sights

foto dell''agriturismo

Antica Corte Cason is an easy and handy location, ideal for the excursions towards several interesting places at approx. 30 km away, such as:

vista del castello di Soave

Soave, with its medieval castle and typical wine production (km 16)

vista del castello di Montagnana

Montagnana,completely surrounded by medieval walls, and on the first Sunday of September has a historical costume revocation (km 20)

ritratto di Napoleone

Arcole, seat of a memorable Napoleonic battle, documented in the local museum (km 8)

foto di un fossile trovato a Bolca

Bolca,one of the most important fossil mines in the world of the cretaceous period (km 25)

vista aerea arena di Verona

Verona, with its monuments and great season opera rendezvous

foto di una villa palladiana

Vicenza, with its splendid Palladium villas

foto palazzo Gonzaga

Mantova, with its artistic treasures located in the Gonzaga and Te Palaces

foto università Padova

Padova, seat of one of the ancient universities of Europe

foto lago garda

Garda Lake, a well known resort with some lovely towns like Sirmione and famous "Gardaland" amusement park, greatly appreciated by the kids and parents and also the Pastrengo zoo-safari

foto piscina

San Bonifacio, acquatic park (km 13)

foto venezia

Venice a work of art admired worldwide and easy to reach from Tombazosana di Ronco all'Adige